A Moment’s Sunlight is a little corner of the world that I’ve cultivated to showcase my fine art,

photography and videography. Here, I celebrate St. Louis, Missouri, the city where I grew up,

as well as a few other places I’ve had the pleasure to visit along the way. My adventures have led

me to many rich, gorgeous vistas, and given me the chance to meet all sorts of

terrific human beings. Through the lens or at the end of the brush, I hope to clearly,

accurately and respectfully portray my fellow world inhabitants in places that are meaningful

to them, but more importantly, I strive to capture their spirit and tell their story.

 I want to thank you for dropping by to take a glimpse at A Moment’s Sunlight today.

I hope that some of my work speaks to you, and I hope that maybe one day

we’ll get a chance to meet up and collaborate on something new.

 I’d like to tell your story.

-Eric James-